About Me

I’ve been journaling and sketching since I was a young girl growing up on a poverty-stricken farm in Poland.

In my early teens, I came to Canada with my family, full of hope and dreams of a better life. As immigrants, we still found ourselves facing adversity and numerous challenges. When I was only sixteen, my grandfather told me I was betrothed to a neighboring farmer who was twenty years my senior. Anxious and afraid, I ran away in the night to save myself.

Hairdressing provided me with income while I studied business management, which led me into banking. Although I thrived in the corporate world, something was missing. I continued with my post-secondary education studies, this time in massage therapy, and then owned and operated a wellness center for 25 years, supporting hundreds of women as they attained healthier lifestyles.

For years I have wanted to write a book about my life, to tell my stories and to encourage and inspire others. Never Young, the story of my childhood in Poland, is available in paperback and eBook on Amazon.com. A second book about my later adventures is in the works.

Today I am a wife, mother, and proud grandmother, and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I love writing, reading, painting, skiing, golfing and spending time with family and friends.

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