“A gripping story of survival and faith. I can’t wait for Book Two.” Michelle Barker, author of The House of One Thousand Eyes. (More reviews here.)

Never Young is the story of my childhood in a small farming community in Poland, where my family battled extreme poverty, Mom’s chronic depression, and Dad’s alcohol-fueled violence.

Like all children I yearned to love and be loved, and I dreamed of escaping to a better life. When I turned eleven, I had access to enough money for a train ticket to the city where my aunt lived. Perhaps my prayers had been answered.

As I headed home from working our fields, mulling over whether or not to pack and run, I was assaulted by a stranger. I escaped, but his threats to return only hardened my resolve. Of course, running away is seldom as simple as it seems.

Although my childhood was often difficult and sometimes dark, I was blessed with a sense of optimism and a deep, abiding faith in God. Relying on this faith helped me to make peace with my past. Never Young paints a picture of a life quite different from what most people in our society have experienced, but its message of hope is both universal and timeless.


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“Never Young is a fascinating memoir about growing up in a poor, rural area in Poland after WWII. The book is filled with harrowing moments of danger, heartbreak, and loss, as well as hope. Whenever young Krystyna seemed destined for harm, help arrived. Filled with fascinating detail and flawed, but loving people of faith, this is a book you’ll recall long after you turn the final page.”  Lynne Klippel, author of Overcomers, Inc.

“This author’s unique voice makes you feel like you can time-travel.” Jane Catherine Rozek, author of Girl Goes North