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Krystyna has written a book you can’t put down! The way she has woven the memories together is masterful and keeps you turning the pages. She is excellent at painting pictures that bring you along with her and let you see through her eyes and feel what she experienced. I can hardly wait to read her next book!

~ Carol Martin

Hello my Dear Krystyna,

I’ve been wanting to email you for quite some time now – ever since I finished reading your book, which was literally the same week that I picked it up at your open house!! I started it, and could not put it down!

Your story really touched my heart – and weeks later, I still find myself thinking about it, and thinking about you. Feeling so grateful for my own childhood, and so grateful that our paths crossed, as you’ve opened my eyes to a completely different childhood life.

While I’ve always appreciated your beautiful spirit, I just fell in love with dear little Krysia, as my heart wept for hers and my soul soared at her incredible faith and strength in adverse times – wow!!

I think how it must have also been very hard for you to come to Canada as a young teen, and I honestly can not wait to read your next book!

I think of your life now, how you are living and enjoying what life has to offer and I feel so grateful that God has so richly blessed you!!

Thank you so much for sharing your story, for touching and blessing my life, and no doubt many others as well!

~ Monica Baker

What a good and easy read. I had a hard time putting the book down! When does the next book hit the finish button? Krysia is a very adventuresome young lady! Can hardly wait to see how, when, where and why her family finds their way to Canada. So many questions answered and so many questions yet to come. I can tell! You have painted many vivid pictures in my mind with your words! Please keep me in the loop for your next book.

~ Patricia Olsen

My sister read your book to me. We both were drawn into your story quickly and were amazed at your ability to handle the responsibility of caring for your younger brothers when you were only five years old.

We did not want to put the book down until we had finished reading it. Then we wanted to hear “the rest of the story”. [Your story stirred up] admiration for your resourcefulness and resilience and your childlike trust in a loving God [and] appreciation for the loving home we grew up in.

Please continue writing your story. Your trust in God comes through loud and clear. It is a testimony of God showing love in the midst of circumstances that seem impossible. Well done Krystyna!

~  Irene Draper

I enjoyed it so much I could barely put the book down till the end. [It] made me appreciate my own childhood that much more, [and] made me feel very sad that you had to work so hard, I have a girlfriend who had a similar experience but right here in B.C. She worked on her parents farm at Black Creek with no indoor plumbing, two rooms not sure about the dirt floor but it was hard labor for her I know from her stories

I marvel how resilient a person can be after going through such an ordeal. We certainly cannot take things for granted which most of us do.

~ Glenna Gillan

Hi Krystyna:

I really enjoyed the book, the story of your childhood and life in Poland during that time of poverty and hardship. It is well written and keeps the pages turning. After reading about half of the book I sat down to read a couple of chapters but ended up reading the rest of book.

The book made me realize just how much easier life has been for us here and that is not the story everywhere for a lot of people.

The book aroused in me emotions of fear as I put myself into the story and began to wonder how you would get out of the many scenarios that you wrote about especially the situations near the end of the book. ie. running away from home at such an early age.

I would highly recommend the book to others. It is well written and speaks about real life in post-war Poland.

~ Bill Braun

I really enjoyed your book. It was a quick and easy read and provided a lot of insight into the life and hardships growing up in Poland during the late 1950s and early1960s.

Throughout your story I couldn’t help but contrast your difficult times with my own life growing up in Canada. My childhood was easy and bland compared to the struggles you faced. I was never left alone at home to fend for myself and my brother, I did not have to do any physical farm labour so our family could survive and I never once thought of running away from home. My childhood was carefree and simple and I now have a greater appreciation for being lucky enough to be born in Canada where my family was able to have a stable income.

The biggest emotion I experienced while reading your book was apprehension and fear for young Krystyna as she manoeuvred through her childhood and circumstances. I think this was intensified since I know the author!

I would definitely recommend your book. I think it would be a great book for teens and young adults of today so they can gain a better understanding of the different times their grandparents and parents lived through and how things have changed since then. It also shows that we all have commonalities as well – our hopes and dreams for the future, our strength to survive and our perseverance to face adversities.

~ A.

The book was enjoyable and hard to put down once started. In fact, it was hard to put down once finished as well! It seemed as though your story was just starting. And of course, that’s true because your life was really just starting at that age.

It was impossible not to put oneself into the shoes of that “little girl” Krystyna. Not only has it made me more grateful for my own childhood, which was not exactly easy or without some serious issues, but it has made me more understanding of issues in the lives of others. This is especially true of relating to older relatives and friends coming from both early Canada and European heritage.

The first emotion [the book made me feel] is probably sympathy and sadness for the position that Krystyna (you) were in at such an early age. It’s almost unfathomable to imagine. But then, the resilience and coping skills shine through. The seed of faith that carried you through is incredible and a testimony of God’s caring for even the “sparrows” of this world. It certainly stirred my heart and mind to again realize the injustices and brokenness of our world as it is. We need the “Kingdom of God” to come in its fullness for sure!

I would recommend your book to others. I think anyone who would read it would be more thankful and wiser for having absorbed the information and feelings you expressed. … I’m sure God has been glorified and will be glorified through your story.

~ Cherry Affleck

Thoroughly enjoyed the book. [It] impacted me because it is a true story, and it honestly conveyed a farming family struggling after the war.

Emotionally it stirred feelings for the young Krystyna, the hard work and the family loyalty was conveyed very well to the reader.

I will recommend the book.

Well done Krystyna.

~ Margaret Evans

I enjoyed your book (and am waiting for the next one). It shocked me as I had a hard time imagining that your early life could have been so demanding, brutal and unfair. It was so different than I expected! [Recommend it?] Definite yes!

~ Barry Martin

Hi Krystyna,

I finished reading your book and found the story, your story, very compelling and impactful. The simple, straight-forward writing style lent itself perfectly to the reader being brought into the thoughts and feelings of a young girl. This book is a testament to perseverance, courage, duty, and strength of a young girl to overcome family life struggles. It was a quick read that couldn’t be put down for long and stayed with me long after I finished.

~ Carol Gulliford

Congratulations on your first novel and look forward to the next one! Thank you for sharing your life story with us.

~ Heidi McLaughlin